Cable Television – Is Satellite Or Cable Television Better?

If one has to select between two services, he would simply look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and make his decision. But it may not be so easy if you have to decide between a cable television service or a satellite television service. Incidentally, there are not too many choices when it comes to satellite television services though they operate at the national level. Similarly, though your cable operators operate at a localized level, you don’t have too many choices.

Satellite television services are more or less the same all over the country and cable television services may vary between even two different providers. Most consumers believe that there is a monopoly that is played among the service providers. Nonetheless, we will try to look at the advantages and shortcomings of the two services in an objective manner.

As television viewing is the common factor, we may compare the two services on a few parameters given below:

1. Picture quality – Your cable operator sends the signals through the coaxial cable whereas the satellite signals are received through the dish installed at your location.

2. Choice of Programs – Though the satellite operator may have a slight advantage due to the in-house programs, the cable operator may also enjoy some sort of monopoly when it comes to certain sports transmissions. This is quite pronounced in certain geographical areas where satellite operators are simply denied access. So, you can say that one is nearly as good as the other on this front.

3. Flexibility – If you are moving to a different area or town, you have to surrender your cable television service connection and obtain a new one at the other location.

4. Internet – Because the internet is provided through the same cable, it scores over satellite on this parameter.

5. Pricing – For similar content, pricing is often lower in the case of satellite television service, which may make it a clear winner in the eyes of most consumers.

6. Technology – Satellite, being a newer and better technology, scores here too.

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